Mercedes-Benz Me Adapter

Enter into the future with Mercedes-Benz Me Adapter

Upgrade your Mercedes with the Mercedes Me Adapter so you can enjoy a great range of conveniences and fun features on your smartphone.

The Mercedes Me Adapter and smartphone app allows you to use important vehicle data and a multitude of useful functions to help you manage your daily routines more efficiently and even take the stress out of maintaining your vehicle, ensuring that it is driving at optimal capacity at all times.

All models from 2015 come with the adapter already fitted.

For models from 2002 onwards, the adapter can be retrofitted to your vehicle. Installation only takes 45 minutes.

What can the Mercedes-Benz Me Adapter do for you?

The Mercedes me Adapter and smartphone app links your vehicle with your phone allowing you have digital access to key vehicle data and useful functions relating specifically to your Mercedes allowing for simpler, more relaxed everyday motoring.

You can avail of the Mercedes-Benz Me Adapter in three simple steps

All the functions and benefits at a glance

  • Parking Space Finder: Shows available parking spaces nearby e.g. in multi-storey car parks - incl. opening hours and prices
  • Car Health Monitor: The App warns you of any vehicle malfunctions and you can contact our service team directly by phone.
  • Cockpit Mode: View vehicle data such as oil temperature, driver score etc. in real time.
  • Driver Score: Analyse your driving style on the basis of your acceleration and braking behaviour - for enhanced driving comfort, safety and cost savings
  • Refuelling Statistics: The App automatically documents your refuelling stops, which can be easily exported and edited.
  • Book a Service Appointment Online: Your appointment with our authorised Mercedes aftersales team is only a click away in the App
  • My Vehicle: Keep an eye on your vehicle's status, e.g. fuel level or range, at all times with this practical view
  • Less Parking Tickets: Use the "Park and Find" function to check your parked vehicle's location and keep tabs on the remaining parking time. A timer in the App reminds you when your parking time ends
  • My Trips: All journeys are visible at a glance and are simple to export or edit. This makes keeping a logbook child's play.
  • Help in a Breakdown or Accident: In the event of an accident you can have the App relay your location and your vehicle data and you can provide
  • Keep Tabs on Service Appointments: Have the App remind you of service appointments.

Terms & Conditions 

Kia Service Plans cover the annual scheduled services in line with Manufacturers time/ mileage recommendations but do not include additional maintenance or repair for wear & tear items such as tyres, brake pads, bulbs, drive belts and fluid top up’s between services, etc. Kia service plans cover the cost of the parts, lubricants and labour involved in the scheduled servicing, depending on the plan taken out. Petrol, Hybrid and EV models are to be maintained every 12 months / 15,000km, whichever is the soonest. Diesel models are to be maintained every 12 months / 30,000km, whichever is the soonest. Should you exceed the mileage, certain service components on your car may need replacing - for which your dealer will charge you separately. This includes any additional parts, labour and oils required due to exceeding the mileage. Kia Service Plans are only applicable to parts and lubricants supplied and labour charges in the Rep. of Ireland, although service plans may be purchased in respect of vehicles purchased in other parts of the EEC. Servicing conducted under Kia Service Plans must be carried out in line with the Manufacturers time and mileage recommendations. Service due dates are taken from the first date of registration of the vehicle. You can arrange for servicing under any Kia service plan to be carried out by any Kia Dealer or Authorised Repairer within the Rep. of Ireland. Kia Service Plans do not cover items that require replacement or repair due to excess wear and tear, misuse or a lack of maintenance as described in the owners handbook. Any form of tuning or modification to your vehicle will invalidate the Kia Service Plan without the need for evidence that the tuning or modification has adversely affected your vehicle. Replacement pollen filters on some models are inspected only. Replacement pollen filters are to be changed at the owner’s discretion and cost. Value Added Tax (VAT) is included in the purchase price.