HondaCare Roadside Assistance​

Your Honda is entitled to the benefits of Hondacare Roadside Assistance, which is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. All of Honda cars are covered by the same benefits throughout their warranty period, i.e. 3 years from the date of the vehicle’s first registration.

With HondaCare Roadside Assistance, your car is entitled to the benefits whether you are driving or if someone else is driving your car with your permission.

And even if you sell your Honda while you have Hondacare Roadside Assistance, the new owner will benefit from the remaining period of cover.

Three types of HondaCare Assistance: Home, Roadside & Recovery

HondaCare Home Assistance

If your car breaks down at home, Honda will send an appointed agent to your doorstep. If the car can’t be repaired, Honda will take it to the nearest Authorised Honda Dealer. 

HondaCare Roadside Assistance

If your car breaks down at the roadside, Honda will get help to you wherever you are in Ireland. Where the car can’t be repaired in a reasonable period of time you can use the Honda Recovery Assistance Services. 

HondaCare Recovery Assistance

If we can’t fix your car at the roadside, Honda will arrange for you and up to four passengers and your vehicle to be transported to the nearest Honda Dealer.

Even if you are towing a trailer or caravan, this can also be recovered, although there are certain weight and size restrictions.

If Honda can’t fix your car at the roadside they may, at their discretion, choose to provide one of the following:

  • A replacement hire car equivalent to category B, for up to 3 days. This would be subject to the terms and conditions of the hire
  • Public transport for you and up to four passengers
  • Transport to and accommodation at the hotel of our choice for you and up to four passengers (on a bed and breakfast basis)

Hire cars are subject to availability and to the supplier’s terms and conditions.

Please note: Replacement vehicles cannot be supplied with a tow bar and therefore your caravan or trailer will, if eligible, be recovered under HondaCare Recovery Assistance with your vehicle.

How to call HondaCare Assistance

In an emergency call 1800 85 85 11 *If you are calling from a mobile phone please check with your network supplier for any special conditions. You will be asked to provide the following information:
  • Your name
  • A contact number
  • Your address
  • The registration, make, model and colour of your vehicle
  • The nature of your breakdown
  • Your exact location
  • If you believe you are in a vulnerable or dangerous situation, please make this clear at the time of your call
  • After making the call return to a safe place near your vehicle

*If the problem resolves itself before the assistance arrives, please call and let us know.

HondaCare - European Assistance

Should the unforeseen arise, it’s good to know that we can get a message to a relative or colleague to let them know what’s happening, where you are and that you’re safe. Honda will see to that.

Honda also provide HondaCare European Roadside Assistance in the following countries to all Honda owners as part of their standard manufacturer warranty.

Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus (excluding Northern Cyprus), Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France (and Corsica), Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Italy (and Sicily, Sardinia and San Marino), Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland (and Liechtenstein) and the UK.
(Honda reserves the right to amend the geographical limits to cover in the event of war, civil disturbance riot or radioactive contamination)

HondaCare European Roadside Assistance can help you if your car breaks down while you are travelling to Europe. And if Honda can’t repair it at the roadside, they will get you to the nearest Honda Dealer or approved garage. If you’re towing a trailer or caravan (subject to certain restrictions) they will transport that too. Hondacare European Roadside Assistance, gives you real peace of mind but we must make it clear that it isn’t motor vehicle insurance.

HondaCare European Roadside Assistance is available for vehicle emergencies only and the period of entitlement is subject to a maximum of 90 consecutive days for any one trip. You should also make sure your own travel insurance gives you all the protection you need.

Additional Travel

If your vehicle is immobilised for more than 8 hours, Honda may, at their discretion, choose to provide you with one of the following up to a maximum total limit of €2,000:

  • A replacement hire car equivalent to category B (up to a maximum of 3 days)
  • Standard class rail fares
  • Economy class rail fares
  • Taxi or other form of transport equivalent to standard class rail fares
  • Overnight accommodation to a maximum of €400 per part (on a bed & breakfast basis)

In the event of an accident:

  • Contact the emergency services if necessary
  • Stay calm, ring us on 1800 85 85 11
  • Don’t get involved in an argument and don’t admit liability
  • Exchange contract details including – driver name, address, contact numbers, vehicle registration, insurance company, policy number, contact details of witnesses
  • Make a sketch of the scene or take photos
  • Take photos of damage to your car and any other vehicles involved

For more information, please contact McElligott's Service Manager on 0667181911